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What is Teledentistry?

Teledentistry uses the power of technology to allow dental hygienists and dental assistants to provide preventative care treatment to underserved communities.

Teledentistry: Step One

Cleanings and other preventative services are provided while high resolution digital images and records are collected…

Teledentistry: Step Two

These images are uploaded to a secure cloud based system to be reviewed offsite by the dentist for consultation and treatment planning.

Teledentistry: Prevention

By reducing barriers to preventive and basic dental care in these vulnerable populations, teledentistry can provide long-term savings by avoiding costly procedures, emergency room visits and even hospitalizations associated with advanced dental disease.

Teledentistry Importance

The cost of oral health neglect is substantial to individuals and to society…

Oral Health disease is the number one chronic disease of children, more common than obesity and asthma, and it is almost entirely preventable.

For children, providing access to preventative services early in their lives inhibits the initiation of dental disease and provides a lifetime of benefits.  When children are free from active dental disease, they miss fewer days of school and are better able to learn.  They also enjoy the benefits of higher quality nutrition and experience improved self-esteem.

Elders, especially those living in a residential facility, benefit from receiving dental services that will keep their mouths clean and pain free.  This puts them in more comfort, they are better able to chew and digest food that supplies essential nutrients, and their need for offsite care is reduced.  In instances where more complex treatment is required and a trip to the dentist office is scheduled, the teledentistry system minimizes the number of visits required, as the patient’s needs have already been assessed and the dentist is prepared to provide the required treatment.